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Group 41 Online Marketing provides eBusiness consulting services, web site & search engine optimization, online advertising and web-based marketing management.   Since 1995.

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Based in Greater Detroit, Group 41 is proud to work with local businesses and the internet business community at large. How can we help you?

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your organic search position with a professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for top search portals like Google and Bing

Todays top web sites attract buyers from industry-specific portals like, IQS Directory and Zycon. as well as MSN, AOL, Ask, Google and Yahoo.  Deep reach into a local market - Detroit in our case - is key mining that market.  Portals like Yahoo-Local and GoogleMaps are seen as more authoritative on the micro level.  Information services like, and SuperPages. are also taking a larger part of todays top searches.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing in the 21st Century allows you to reach your target audience with the exact message they need to see to influence a buying decision at exactly the moment they need to see it.  Social websites like Facebook, Twitter  and LinkedIn should play an integral part with your marketing efforts.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising with Google, Bing and other, industry-specific, portals allow ads to be changed as often as necessary. Individual campaigns can be scheduled for only certain hours, days, or territory.

Site-based advertising - projecting your text or graphic advertisement as part of a web site page - is also becoming more popular with local businesses and specialty products or services.

Advertising Management

Once you have the right marketing strategy, you need the right management.  Group 41 successfully maintains client campaigns and keeps track of which ads are running where, what they cost, and what traffic are they generating to the site.

Group 41 prepares monthly reports detailing in clear, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand charts that plot each campaign’s progress from start to finish. 

Training: We offer training for staff and/or agency account executives on how to manage online advertising campaigns once they are set them up to run smoothly.

[Home] [What we do] [Who we are] [Site & SEO] [Resources] [Clients] [Contact Info]
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